2014 Local election – vote Independent

A short profile of each Independent candidate in the Coldharbour Ward council election is given their own page on our blog.
Obviously Coldharbour Ward is the safest Labour seat in Lambeth. We therefore encourage you to be adventurous and vote your Independent candidates. Send a message to the council. Don’t let them keep taking us for granted. New developments are going on all the time – but we have three basic issues which we think would benefit everyone in the ward:
1. Revitalise the park area outside Southwyck House (Barrier Block) and make it a proper park with facilities for local people. We think a free-to-use outdoor gym would be a good addition for part of the site.
2. Bring the Overground service to Brixton. We need this east-west orbital link, and it is ironic that the trains go right above Brixton Station on the high level track.  Studies undertaken so far indicate than putting Overground platforms at either Brixton or Loughborough Junction would be difficult from an engineering point of view and prohibitively expensive. East Brixton is the simple answer.

3. Iveagh House surgery should be re-opened. It has lain unused for the last 2 years, occupied by “guardians” to prevent squatting. The health centre at Oval Quarter is inaccessible for many local people, particularly the ones likely to need to use the doctor most (elderly disabled etc). The health centre is only on one local bus route.

We need the Iveagh House surgery back in operation to serve local people.



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