Improve Coldharbour Lane open space

The open space in front of the Barrier Block (Southwyck House) seemed secure 15 years ago when it was officially designated as public open space by Lambeth Housing. Originally there had been a row of shops facing the shopping parade on the other side of Coldharbour Lane. At the Moolands Road end was a massive pub called the Loughborough Park Tavern. The shops were knocked down in 1971 ready for a motorway that never happened, although the Barrier Block was built to shield houses on the Moorlands Estate behind from anticipated motorway traffic noise.  Meanwhile Lambeth council leased part of the land in front of Southwyck House  for a petrol station. The remaining area either side of the petrol garage was planted with trees and grassed over to make a temporary park. When in 1997 there was a move to build on the park, but this was vetoed by Environmental Services Committee, and the land was designated “Community Open Space”.Texaco cleared The petrol filling station closed around 2006 and garage structure was cleared away. The lease on the site passed to the present owners, who are letting the site out as a temporary car wash. There was considerable local reaction when the car wash fencing was put up – especially because of the massive advertising hoardings which had no planning permission.carwash-sign-coldharbour-lane-08 The council took enforcement action and these were eventually removed, although the process took about 18 months. We want the council to complete the job of making a grassed recreation area in front of the barrier block.  To have a green space running the width of Southwyck House from Somerleyton Road to Moorland Road would be a great improvement to the area. We also think that the council should consider providing an outdoor gym on part of the space. This was suggested by a Moorlands estate resident back in 2012. There are over 10 Open Air gyms operating in Southwark, such as the one below on Albany Road providing free exercise facilities for people on the Aylesbury Estate. The area in front of the Barrier Block would similarly benefit from an open air gym.Albany Road Open Air GymAylesbury Gym


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