David Warner

Green DavidDavid has lived in Coldharbour Lane since 1986.

Formerly an electronic engineer, David spent the period 1990-2010 as Finance Officer of Lambeth Accord at 336 Brixton Road. He was also a councillor for Thornton Ward from 1994 – 1998.

In current political terms David sees himself as centre left. Nationally he is bemused by the coalition’s drive to cut benefits, but not to regulate private rents. He was opposed to the introduction of student loans.

On local issues David is unhappy with the Town Hall campus project which appears to be a gimmicky PFI style project which will probably lead to financial problems in future years. The Somerleyton Road scheme to bring more housing to the semi-derelict railway side of the road seems  promising Рif the council stick to their current promises to reserve at least 40% of the flats for target (near-social) rent.


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