Re-open Iveavh House surgery

Surgery noticeThere is currently no GP surgery in Coldharbour Ward. The only doctors surgery in Coldharbour was at Iveagh House, Fiveways corner, Loughborough Road.

It closed two years ago when the authorities pressurised Dr Konzon to move his practice to join two other medical practices in the Ackerman Health Centre. This new health centre serves the new Oval Quarter development currently under construction rather than Coldharbour Ward residents. Disabled elderly or frail patients from the old Iveagh House surgery were left dependent on bus P5 to get to the doctors.

Protected by occupationMeanwhile the original Iveagh House surgery building (itself fairly modern) is currently empty and occupied by a security company to prevent squatting. In an area where the population is constantly increasing it is vital that the doctor’s surgery should be brought back into use. Lambeth should pressure the CCG to achieve this. Anything less is an insult to the community, particularly in the old and new Loughborough Estates.


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